Private Wi-Fi

WiFi is an important component of any businesses network infrastructure, supplementing a quality cabled network.

Anderson Morgan is a certified Ruckus Big Dog Authorised Partner.  Ruckus is an industry leading Smart WiFi vendor, and provides Wireless Access Points for indoor and outdoor application.

Ruckus Wireless is… (Source)

Fully-loaded, fully-capable, and fully-standard, our Smart Wi-Fi products and patented technologies offer unmatched simplicity, ridiculous reliability, and killer coverage — at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Our industrial-strength Smart Wireless LAN products for enterprise systems eliminate cost and complexity, while delivering unprecedented performance and reliability.

Indoor, outdoor, meshed, video, voice, data, 802.11n, 802.11a, 802.11g—take your pick. Everything you need is uniformly managed as a single, centralized Wireless LAN with ZoneDirector.

And our Smart Wi-Fi products support even the most rigid, latency-sensitive applications—offering carrier-level quality and ironclad security to enterprises and service providers everywhere.

Anderson Morgan can survey your business premises and provide a detailed recommendation on how to provide fantastic wireless coverage to your entire site.

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