Online Backup

Anderson Morgan’s Online Backup utilises state-of-the-art technology to provide a secure, reliable and efficient offsite backup service to businesses of all sizes.

What does it do?

Using leading-edge compression algorithms, data is compacted to the very smallest size possible, and transmitted using high level encryption to Anderson Morgan’s remote backup server in a secure offsite location.

Here the data is stored in a fully redundant and secure Tier 4 data centre environment and can be easily accessed for restoration to any point in time within the last 28 days.

Backups are incremental down to the byte level to ensure large files do not need to be uploaded multiple times, meaning that impact on the business ADSL connection is kept to a minimum.

Anderson Morgan’s Online Backup delivers big business features to businesses of all sizes at an economical price.

How do I benefit?
  • No more tape, tape drives, backup software or manual processes
  • Fast restore times – files can be restored within minutes
  • Data is always offsite
  • Data is encrypted to prevent unauthorised access
  • Forms the 1st step of your disaster recovery and business continuity processes
  • All data is stored exclusively in Australia

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