Business people working

Users want to see real people? Give them real people!

There’s no doubt that modern technology allows us to do incredible things these days.

The idea of having someone connect to your PC in a matter of seconds and solving your problem is pretty darn cool.  It’s efficient and effective.

But sometimes it’s just nice to see and interact face-to-face with real people.  It can feel a little less like a business transaction, and a little more like you are working together on something.

A real person can see exactly what you mean when you say that your printer is printing out weird characters on the page, see that yellow line going through your computer monitor, experience exactly what you mean when you say your internet is really really slooooowwwww…

Some users would prefer to ‘save up’ all of the issues for the next time they have a support engineer onsite, and that’s ok!

If this sounds like you and your staff, maybe you should consider a regular scheduled onsite visit to complement your existing remote support arrangements.

Your staff will know exactly when to expect the support engineer, and can make sure he/she is nice and busy whilst onsite!

Whether it is onsite or remote, an IT Pro is a great thing to have!

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