Hate Technology

Why can’t IT be hassle free?

You sit down at your PC to start the day, coffee in hand – ready to go.  A long list of tasks and priorities already forming in your mind for the day.

Your computer won’t turn on.

Disaster!  All of your best laid plans for the day are in turmoil.  It’s going to be one of those days!

You discover the power point is switched off – all is saved! Right?!

Computer turns on, you login and fire up your email.  Send/Receive error.  No email. Seriously??

You call your IT help-desk, 30 minutes later you finally get through to someone that can help you. Another 30 minutes later they figure out the problem – server issues, you aren’t the only one affected.  Great.

Around another 30 minutes later you get a call back – issue has been resolved, your emails should now be working again.  Excellent – you can start your work even if you have lost the last 1.5 hours of productive time.

An email has arrived from a supplier, you need to print a document to fill out some information to send them.  

Printer error.

This must be some sort of joke right?  

Why can’t IT just be hassle free?!?!

So this is probably a slightly exaggerated story, but it can and does happen on a regular basis!

How much time do you lose because your IT just seems to always be a real hassle?  In many cases the answer is ‘too much!’.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Hassle Free IT is very achievable.  It just takes the right sort of IT Pro to make it happen.

Don’t let yourself be told that it’s the norm, and put up with your IT problems.

If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time for an IT Pro to show you the Hassle Free IT experience.


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