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The value of pro-active monitoring!

When you drove to work today, did you spend most of your time looking in the rear-view mirror to see where you had been?

Of course not you say!  That’s crazy!  Looking through your windshield at what is coming is the most important part of driving.  Making sure you see obstacles before they arrive, keeping the car on the road, and generally having a very strong awareness of everything that is going on ahead of you is crucial to arriving safely at your destination.

In the ICT world, it’s really no different.

Looking backwards (logs, error messages etc) is necessary for solving issues that have already occurred.  But surely we want to try and prevent these issues from occurring in our ICT as much as possible?  Shouldn’t we be looking forward and being pro-active to prevent ‘fender-benders’ from disrupting our day and making us unproductive?


By employing clever pro-active monitoring techniques, preventing many of the typical ICT issues that can arise in a business becomes as simple as applying the brakes, or turning the steering wheel.

Key indicators such as hard disk space, event logs, resource consumption, antivirus definitions, and service statuses are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what can be pro-actively monitored.

By keeping a close watch on indicators such as these, a good IT Pro can see what issues are likely to become a problem in the future and take action to mitigate them – often with little to no effect on the end user!

Ultimately that’s what it is all about.  ICT is meant to increase productivity, by making tasks easier and quicker to perform.  Being pro-active about the way we manage our ICT systems makes it possible to deliver a Hassle Free IT experience.

And that means productive and happy staff who get the job done efficiently and effectively.


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